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No.109, 1st. Floor, Sin-Oh-Dan Street, Lathar Township,
Yangon, Myanmar

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Yangon-today was only a small fishing-village until and after the Alaungpaya's, the founder of first Myanmar Empire, conquest in 1752. Then the place was christened as Yangon which means "the end of strife." It was not yet a trading center during the time Myanmar Kings. But, it was well-known as a site of religiously significance along with the presence of Shwedagaon Pagoda, the landmark of Yangon. As British government (1824~1885) used it as the administrative center, this venue became a major and strategic sea-port. And recorded as the most beautiful city in Southeast Asia! No wonder .......said...... The tale of metropolis Yangon (Rangoon) was kept in the closet until 1990.

The Supreme Court, High Court, General Post Office, Strand Hotel, Port Authority Building, Custom House and Railway Administrative Building are also magnificent remembrances of the bygone era. Yangon is changing greatly as international investment comes into Myanmar. High-rises and vehicles increase on the road almost everyday. However, the city has a very special charm, and one, which will certainly be preserved in spite of the changing skyline.